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Help Wanted

Attention Volunteers!

California USA Wrestling Needs You! 

Needed: 30-40 licensed pairers per State Tournament (2 shifts per day).

We will no longer be using tappers and timers as all mechanics will now be run through the computer.

CA USA Wrestling will pay for new pairing licenses (under 18, as no background check is needed) if you attend the Annual Pairing meeting on Jan. 28, 2018 in Fresno.

New pay scales for pairers!! 2 new polo shirts per person (these will be worn at each tournament). Pairers must be familiar with the Trackwrestling program “Mat side scoring”.

Pay scale will be determined on the work schedule (example: Fri., Sat., Sun. workers will be paid on a higher scale then those who just on Sat. or Sun.). You must at least 2 days. Either Friday night/Sat., or Sat./Sun. If you have a wrestler, you will not be scheduled for the session they are wrestling in.

For more information, please attend the meeting in January or contact me at

Big Changes are on the way!!!

Diane George

Head of Event Staff

Nick Kindred

Mat Officials Director

Phone: 209-604-3855

Tod Blank

Mat Officials Director

Phone: 925-237-6118

Frank Gama

Mat Officials Director

Phone: 209-740-2277

Laurie Dixon

Head of Tournament Operations

Phone: 408-307-4429

California USA Wrestling Mat/Pairing Officials Association Protocol

*California Category determines payment structure for state events

*Your California Category has no bearing on your USWOA Category (USWOA upgrade procedures can be found on the OFFICIALS link at


Upgrade Procedures for California Category:

1)Must attend a minimum of 3 state events.

a.One of these events must include Kids Freestyle State OR Association Duals*

*If you attend the Association Duals as an official, you cannot be wrestling or coaching during the event (officiating only)

2)Must attend a minimum of 3 state clinics (these take place on Friday evening at 7:00 PM prior to each state event).


            Must attend Pre-Season Officials Clinic in Fresno AND one state clinic.

3)Must be evaluated by your Mat Chairman at each state event you attend (a minimum of 5 evaluations must be completed).

4)Must work a minimum of 3 local association events.

a.Control card must be signed by Head Official of the local association for each event

5)Must have a current USWOA Mat/Pairing license.


California Categories and Pay Structure are as follows:

            CA-3               $60 per event (or $30 per day)-------------M3-------------------P3

            CA-2               $100 per event (or $50 per day)-----------M2-------------------P2

            CA-1C            $120 per event (or $60 per day)-----------M1C-----------------P1C

            CA-1               $120 per event (or $60 per day)-----------M1-------------------P1

            *Remember that USWOA Category and Upgrade Procedures remain in place regardless of your

  California category

a. To be recommended for an upgrade with USWOA, you must be IN GOOD STANDING with the state association (CAUSAWOA)


California USA Wrestling Mat/Pairing Officials Association Positions: 

Director of Officials: (Nick Kindred, Frank Gama, Tod Blank, and Laurie Dixon)


Instructions for California Mat/Pairing Official Booklet

1)This booklet is to be used for state and local event in California ONLY.

2)You must bring the California Mat/Pairing Official Booklet to ALL state and local events.

3)The control card in BOTH books must be signed by the head official at EACH event. 

4)Following the conclusion of your last freestyle/Greco event worked, turn your control card into the CAUSAWOA Director of Mat/Pairing Officials (Nick Kindred, Frank Gama, Tod Blank, and Laurie Dixon) or mail it to the address printed on the back of the control card.


Local Association Head Officials Instructions for California Mat/Pairing Official Booklets

1)Distribute California Mat Official Booklets to mat officials ONLY AFTER CURRENT LICENSE HAS BEEN VERIFIED

2)Sign the control card for that event on the same day that the official worked the event.

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