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USA Wrestling Copper Level Third Edition

This course is a self-paced online course designed to be taken by individual coaches.


Priced at $40.00, this version of the Coaching Youth Wrestling online course is a component of USA Wrestling's Copper Level coaching certification. Included in your course registration is the updated third edition of the Coaching Youth Wrestling text.


USA Wrestling

The steps for gaining Copper Level certification are:

1) Establish an online profile with USAW and obtain your USAW membership ID;
2) pass the background check required by USAW;
3) purchase your USAW membership; and 
4) purchase and pass the USAW Copper Level Coaching Youth Wrestling online course offered through this page. * see below for helpful instructions.

Youth wrestling coaches looking to take the Coaching Youth Wrestling online course for Copper Level certification must be a USAW member (by completing steps 1-3 above) in order to purchase and take the online course. This ensures that each coach has met all the standards (including a background check) for becoming a USAW coach.

Please note: The process for becoming a USAW member can take up to two weeks. Be sure to secure your membership well in advance of the time you plan to take the online course for certification. Coaches who are not USAW members and who wait until the last minute (for example, they have a weekend tournament coming up in a day or two) to obtain their certification will likely find themselves ineligible to coach at that event.

If you've completed steps 1-3 above and are ready to register for the course:

Click on the online course icon in the table below. After you have selected the course, you will need to register with the website by clicking on Sign In at the top of the page. During the registration process, you will be asked to create an ID number. This number is used to track your certification and is different from your USAW membership ID number. After you register, enter your USAW membership identification number in the field provided. If you are not a USAW member, if you have not completed steps 1-3 above, or your membership has expired (annual renewal is required; memberships run September 1 through August 31), you will be denied access to the course and be directed to the membership area of the USAW website. If you have misplaced or forgotten your ID number, or if you feel your ID number is being denied in error, you will need to contact USAW directly (contact information appears below). After you have provided your USAW membership ID number, select Choose and after the screen refreshes, select Add to Cart to start the purchase process. For step-by-step order and course access instructions, including screen shots of what you will see along the way, Click Here.

If you're a coach who has already taken and passed the online course and have questions regarding the status of your Copper Level card, contact USAW. On a weekly basis, Human Kinetics provides USAW with a list of coaches who have successfully completed the online course. USAW then produces and sends each coach a Copper Level card.

USA Wrestling is proud to be a long-time educational partner with Human Kinetics Coach Education and to have the Coaching Youth Wrestling online course accepted as part of the USAW Copper Level certification.

USAW is committed to providing our young athletes with the best possible instruction and sport experience. The role of the coach is paramount to achieving this goal, which is why USAW places such a strong emphasis on coaching education.

USA Wrestling's National Coaches Education Program (NCEP) is a multi-tiered educational program for excellence in coaching the sport of wrestling. It is designed to be an integral component of USA Wrestling's mission to possess the most powerful and comprehensive wrestling program in the world. USAW offers four levels of certification: copper, bronze, silver, and gold.

Contact information
USA Wrestling
Contact: Mike Clayton
6155 Lehman Drive
Colorado Springs, CO 80918
Phone: 719-265-3631


USA Wrestling Copper Level Online Course:

USA Wrestling Copper Level Third Edition

Priced at $40.00, this version of the Coaching Youth Wrestling online course is a component of USA Wrestling's Copper Level coaching certification. Included in your course registration is the updated third edition of the Coaching Youth Wrestling text.
Version or Format Notes
Online Course With Print Materials Only USA Wrestling members can purchase this online course. You'll be asked for your USAW membership ID number when placing your order.

NCEP Certification



Coach’s Educational Resource Guide


United World Wrestling Warm Up Program
• Wrestling Plus Warm Up Poster
• Wrestling Plus Guide PowerPoint (pptx)
• Wrestling Plus Guide PowerPoint (ppt older version)
• Wrestling Plus Guide Video

UWW “Ready to Wrestle” Introduction to Olympic Styles of Wrestling
(This program is not a requirement of USA Wrestling participation but provides great introductory info on Olympic styles. It is the first required course for UWW certifications.)


“Ready to Wrestle’ is an introduction the sport of Olympic wrestling. The program contains four modules aiming to teach the history, basic principles, and rules of Olympic wrestling styles.


The program can be found online at


7 Basic Skills
• USA Wrestling's 7 Basic Skills Coach and Athlete Guide

White Papers – Informational Handouts on Wrestling’s Top Topics
• Concussion Awareness Standards
• Corner Coaching Tips & Standards
• Football + Wrestling = Success
• Recruiting & Coaching Women

Long Term Athlete Development Program:
• Long Term Athlete Development Poster (short version)
• Long Term Athlete Development Chart (long version)
• USOC Athlete Development Model (ADM) for Weightlifting
• Canadian Sport for Life – LTAD Program

Technique Video, Practice Planning, Drills and Games:
• USA Wrestling’s Core Curriculum Streaming Video Series
• Practice Planning Guides
• Drills and Games
• Beat the Streets Practice Planning
• USA Wrestling Practice Planner
• Edgar Dale's Cone of Experience


Nutrition and Hydration
• A webinar on general sport nutrition: From Jennifer Gibson 
• Wisconsin Wrestling Federation Links for Nutrition
• Are Nutritional Supplements Right for My Young Athlete?
• Proper Tournament Day Nutrition
• Hydration Nation: Tips to Staying Hydrated
• How Many Calories Should You Eat
• Debunking Breakfast Myths: Start Like a Champion with Summer Sanders and Jennifer Gibson


Health and Wellness (Skin, Concussions, etc.)
• USA Wrestling Skin Manual
• CDC on Concussions
• Online CPR Training (
• Online CPR Training (Discount code: SAVEALIFE)
• INWR – International Network of Wrestling Researchers
• What Happens When You Get Heat Stroke (More info at:
• Concussion FAQ’s
• Emergency Action Plans (including a sample to build from):


Sports Psychology
• Helpful Links from the US Olympic Committee
• USOC Sport Psychologist, Karen Cogan
• John Wooden – The difference between winning and succeeding
• Mind of the Athlete Tools
• Resources For Coaches
• 10 Things Parents Can Do To Help Their Kids Wrestle Their Best


Strength and Conditioning:
• US Olympic Committee (USOC) Helpful Links
• USOC Strength Coach Presentation Free strength training articles and info
• Wisconsin Wrestling Federation Links to Weight Lifting


Video Study and Scouting
• Meredith Miller, USA Boxing HPD, on the advanced use of Dartfish and tagging video to developing a scouting program. 
• Bruce Burnett on Video Analysis


Olympic Wrestling Promotions
• Olympic Wrestling: The Pathway to Folkstyle Success
• Why Women’s Wrestling?


Coach, Parent and Athlete Tools
• Positive Coaching Alliance
• Safe Sport: For Coaches, Clubs, Parents and Athletes
• Free Interactive Courses for Athletes and Coaches: Performance Boosters, MOOC
• UWW Library: Free downloads
• Guide for Men Coaching Women
• Overcoming Adversities as a Female Wrestler
• Changing the Game Project – Best practices for Parents and Coaches for All Ages
• Agility and Balance Drills by 2x Olympian, Ahad Javansalehi
• Community for Accredited Online Schools for the deaf and hard of hearing community


Ethics in Coaching
• Tom Justice - Ethics and Coaching


Bronze Level Coach’s Course Materials (for Review Only)
• PDF Version: Coach's Guide To Excellence - 2nd Edition
• iTunes Version: This book is available for download with iBooks on your Mac or iOS device. Multi-touch books can be read with iBooks on your Mac or iOS device. Books with interactive features may work best on an iOS device. iBooks on your Mac requires OS X 10.9 or later.

• Bronze Course Participant Handout
• Bronze Course (this link does not provide coaches certifications)


USA Wrestling Rules:
• USA Wrestling Rulebook
• 2015 UWW Freestyle Rules Clinic Video


Recommended TED talks:
• Why We Need Core Values - by Penn State Head Football Coach, James Franklin
• How to Fix a Broken School? Love Fearlessly, Love Hard - by Linda Cliatt-Wayman
• How to Raise Successful Kids – Without Over-Parenting, by Julie Lythcott-Haims
• If you want to achieve your goals, don't focus on them: Reggie Rivers