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Tri-Counties Wrestling Association


Styles: Folkstyle Thousand Oaks only, Freestyle and Greco Roman

Divisions: Kids, Cadet, Jr, Open

Registration: (link will be on


Home Weigh-ins or optional 7:00-7:30am at HIGH SCHOOL day of tournament.

TCWA highly discourages weight loss.  Your child will be pooled with athletes similar to their weight.  We will spot check kids day of tournament, kids must be with in 3 lbs of weight entered during pre-registration, if overweight Coach and Wrester will be pulled from tournament (no refund).  2nd offense Coach and wrestler will be suspended for season.


Wrestling Start Time:

8am mats open for warm up

9am Kids, 12:00 (noon) High School-Open


Weight Classes:

Pooled brackets double elimination/ round robin,



Top 3 per weight class



Please note - must pre-register no later than 8pm night before.

$10 for one weight, $5 for second style.


Morning of registration in person:

7:00-7:30 kids/ hs, walk up hs registration 10:30-11

$15 for one weight, $20 for two.

*USA Cards will be required to wrestle.

All wrestlers must show their card at each tournament.

Justin Bronson

Tri Counties Wrestling Assoc.