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CA/USAW Coaches Pool Procedures

Greg Chappel

Admin. Assistant and Head of National Teams

Phone: 831-595-6008

Malinda Ripley

Women's Director

Phone: 925-391-5223

CA/USAW Coaches Pool Procedures

Due to the depth of the coaching talent in our state and the limited numbers of slots available to participate, the following procedures will be followed in managing our coach’s pool. We have organized the best coaching staff in the nation and our objective is to retain a very high percentage of the coach’s pool from year to year.

Current members of the Pool:

  • - Submit request to Greg Chappel, or Malinda Ripley to remain in pool and indicate preferred assignment.
  • - The directors will review requests and previous year’s performance.

Prospective New Members:

  • - Submit request to the Greg Chappel, or Malinda Ripley. Directors will review all submissions with the officers.
  • - 1 year development program which includes the following activities:
  • - Must have or obtain a USA Wrestling National Coaches Education Program (NCEP) Bronze Certification.
  • - Must attend five (5) developmental/open tournaments.
  • - Must attend one (1) USA Wrestling Regional Championship.
  • - Must attend one (1) USA Wrestling National Event.
  • - Must attend the CA/USAW National Team Training Camp prior to the National Championships.
  • - Must complete interview with Director in that style or appointee to ensure understanding of technique, rules, and CA/USAW procedures.
  • - Upon successful completion of the above mentioned activities, the candidate will be placed in the coaches pool.

Once in the coaches pool, coaches will be assigned by the director of that style. All coaches in the pool may not be assigned based on the size of the pool and CA/USAW needs.