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High School Program Information

High School Team Membership Program:



Must  be a current coach or official in order to be able to renew the high school team membership. 

For renewal of HS Team Membership:

-          Go to

-          If needed, create account and claim your profile

-          If they are with a different High School they will need to contact me to be put under their new high school

-          If you are a returning coach to the same HS you will see the club listed under your “club” tab

-          You can select to renew the club and it will be added to your cart

-          In order to be able to renew the club you will need to a current coach or official member of USA Wrestling

-          Once the renewal of the club is complete you can start to renew or upload your athletes under the members tab

-          You can pay by credit card or by sending check to the office

For new High Schools:

-          Contact Derek with name of high school

-          Derek will assign cart to your profile if you are current coach or official

-          You can log into your profile and pay for the charter

-          You can also send a check to the office and it will be marked paid once check arrives

Please let me know if you have any questions. You can also have coaches call the office for questions.
Derek Sikora
USA Wrestling | Manager of State Services
Office 719.598.8181 | Email:

California USA Wrestling inc. High School Team Membership FAQ


  1. Who is covered under the HS team membership?

A.        Only wrestlers in grades 9-12 enrolled at the school and submitted on the team spreadsheet.

  1. Can I add wrestlers after I purchase the team membership or do they all have to be submitted at the same time?

A.         Yes, you can add wrestlers to your team membership during the season before the January 22 deadline.

You may still sign up after the deadline, but may have a delay.

  1. Are coaches cards (memberships) covered under the team membership?

A.         No, coach memberships are not included. Coaches must purchase a USAW coaches card which includes

completing the required background check (good for 2-yrs).

  1. How can I pay for the team membership?

A.         The team pays USA Wrestling directly. The UIL has indicated school or booster club funds should not be

used for the payment. Wrestlers should contribute their portion.

  1. Can I include high school wrestlers from a different school (that may not have a team) who practice with my team?

A.          No, only wrestlers enrolled in your school can be included

  1. Can I include middle school wrestlers from our school attendance zone that practice with our HS?

A.           No, only wrestlers in grades 9-12 can be included.

  1. Do the wrestlers included under my HS team membership have to practice with my school and enter tournaments under our HS name? For example, we do not have a Freestyle club and practices at the school in the spring.

A.        No. The wrestlers just get their memberships through the high school team. They can attend practices

throughout the year with any chartered club and can enter USAW sanctioned tournaments as individuals.

  1. Do I have to include all the information requested on the spreadsheet?

A.        Yes, for accurate membership and insurance policy requirements all fields must be provided:

  • First name and Last name
  • Gender
  • Date of birth
  • Address Street, City, State, Zip
  • Phone number
  • E-mail address
  1. I already have a CA-USAW chartered club that I run for youth and/or Freestyle/Greco. Does my HS team charter replace that club?

A.         No, your HS team charter only covers HS team and practices. If you are going to run a separate club with

wrestlers from other schools, you would still keep a separate charter for that club.

  1. What are the benefits? Why should my team join?

A.        The HS team membership provides an extremely cost effective way for high school wrestlers to continue to

receive the benefits of USA Wrestling membership (see flyer). Through their athlete membership, they receive secondary sports accident insurance for all wrestling activities with sanctioned organizations. That includes your high school practices and tournaments. They are also able to participate in all USA Wrestling sanctioned events including the Folkstyle National Championships, a wide range of FS/GR regional and national tournaments, and a full schedule of local CA-USAW sanctioned FS/GR tournaments in your area. Within certain restrictions, they may also participate in CA-USAW sanctioned Folkstyle tournaments during the season.

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