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CA USAW Grappling

Early Registration

Cerritos College 11110 Alondra Blvd, Norwalk CA 90650 October 23, 2016

Submission Showdown

Registration:  $50 early registration.  Do it NOW!

Weigh Ins:  Sunday Morning at Cerritos College

Weight Classes: Men 145.2, 156.2, 169.4, 184.8, 202.4, 220, +220  Women 116.6, 127.6, 140.8, 156.2, +156.2

Medals: Top 3

Cash Prize:  Competitor must compete in BOTH Sub-Only and Grappling style.  Winners of Grappling Absolute will win cash prizes.  Prize amounts will be increased or decreased pending on the total number of competitors.  We want to send you home with $$$!


If competing in both Sub-Only and Grappling for the $$$ registration is $70 for pre-registration price.  Will increase as we come closer to registration deadline. 

1 style - $50 early -reg  

2 styles $70 early-registration

Registration will close Oct 19th.

Competition Uniform

Grapplers shall appear on the edge of the mat wearing regulation competition grappling or board shorts and sleeveless, short sleeve or long sleeve rash guard shirt. They shall not be excessively baggy or have button/snaps that may be unsafe during competition. The competition shirt shall be tight fitting. Colors and patterns that may interfere with scoring are not allowed on the competition uniforms (they can be checked by the Head Official before the beginning of competition). The first grappler called shall put on a red ankleband and the second a blue ankle-band. The use of light kneepads containing no metal parts is allowed. 


Grapplers are not required to wear shoes during the match, but those who choose to shall wear wrestling shoes. The use of shoes with heels or nailed soles, buckles, or any metallic parts is prohibited. Prior to competition, an official shall examine all equipment that is outside of the established normal attire. Shoes with laces shall be wrapped with sticky tape so that they do not come undone during the match. Each grappler is responsible for providing the tape himself/herself for the shoes and laces shall be wrapped prior to stepping onto the mat.

Blair Green

Blair Green

CA USAW Grappling Association Director

Phone: (310) 801-2363

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