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Orange County Wrestling Assoc (OCWA)

Orange County Wrestling Association:

Covers all of southern California including all Orange County cities and surrounding cities.



Styles: Folkstyle (Kids, Middle School, Girls High School, Boys High School)


Registration: (link will be on



Home Weigh-ins or optional 7:00-8:00am at HIGH SCHOOL day of tournament.


Please note, we highly discourage any weight cutting, we will spot check kids day of tournament, kids must be with in 3 lbs of weight entered during pre-registration, if over weight Coach and Wrester will be pulled from tournament (no refund).  2nd offense Coach and wrestler will be suspended for season.


Wrestling Start Time: 

8:30am (Kids and Middle School) 10:00am (High School)


Weight Classes:

Pooled brackets, double elimination



Top 3 per weight class (plaques for league finals champions)



Kids (bracketed based on age)

Schoolboy/Middle School

High School Boys: F/S and Varsity

High School Girls



Please note - must pre-register no later than 8pm night before.

$15 for one weight, $20 for two.


Morning of registration in person:

$25 for one weight, $35 for two.


Note: We will be using official referees at all tournaments.


*USA Cards will be required to wrestle.

All wrestlers must show their card at each tournament.

2016 OCWA Dual Team

Christian Holiday

Orange County Wrestling Assoc.

Phone: 323-854-1313

Dave Carrizosa

Orange County Wrestling Assoc.

Phone: 714-863-2071